Spring Cleaning Time Is Here

Choosing an efficient carpet cleaning service can be an arduous task, considering that there are so many cleaning companies that claim to be the best. So how can you decide which one is actually the best and which ones are falsely claiming so? The answer is through this guide, as we discuss the factors that you need to consider keeping in mind your requirements and priorities. For instance, some individuals give more priority to price, while others would compromise on the price to get excellent quality of service. Here are some useful tips to help you select the best carpet cleaners in Canada.

Cleaning Methods

The very first step is to inquire about the cleaning methods that the cleaners use and choose the one that suits you. For example, one of the various cleaning methods is dry extraction that uses compounds with detergents in it. This procedure results in stain and dust-free carpets and allows them to be vacuumed. Then, there are absorbent pads that rub into the carpet through a spinning action. Moreover, a dry foam can be applied to the carpet, after which the carpet is vacuumed up using a wet vacuum. There are other vacuums as well that use strong suction and stronger chemicals to get rid of dirt. Evaluating each method can help you choose whichever is more appropriate for your needs.

Another aspect to consider when choosing a cleaning company is the products that it uses. You need to know about the products that it is using and make sure if they are safe for you, your pets, and your children.

Experienced and professional companies usually ask about the type of carpet you have. However, if a company does not do so, you need to inform it. There is a risk of your carpet shrinking or changing color if the cleaners are unaware of the type.

For security reasons, it is essential to know the history of the cleaning company. Since its employees are going to visit your house, you should be aware of who is entering your place. You can also ask if the company has done a background check on its employees or not. The safer, the better!

Cost Analysis

The total cost of the cleaning may increase or decrease depending on various factors, including the size of the carpet, cleaning method (steam cleaning costs more than dry cleaning) and the type of carpet. It is advised to discuss and finalize the rates before availing the service so that you do not have to see unexpected charges on the bill.

When they find out about the cost of carpet cleaning, most people tend to reconsider their need for a professional cleaner. If you are confused whether you should go for the service or not, let’s evaluate the other options you have. The first alternative, home carpet cleaning machine, is inexpensive but not as efficient; it only removes stains and vacuums, which is not sufficient. With other methods like manual cleaning involving brushes, brooms and dustpans, there is a risk of individuals getting allergies. On the other hand, with professional cleaning, the cost increases, but carpets become durable and tend to last for several years and people with allergies actually feel better using them.